Z-Wave Smart Home Solution

FIBARO is a global brand based on the Internet of Things technology. It provides solutions for building and home automation. FIBARO’s headquarters and factory are located in Wysogotowo, Poland.

In just a decade, FIBARO system has settled on 6 continents, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless smart home systems in the world. Since July 2018 FIBARO brand is a part of the Nice Group.

Flexible and integrated:

Using the Z-Wave smart home protocol the Fibaro system is capable of offering a unique home automation system that can integrate with most the Z-Wave devices which are developed and manufactured by third party suppliers around the world. This is a great advantage in comparison with conventional systems which means you are not limited to using one product from one manufacturer.

One gateway with lots of capabilities:

The brain of any Z-Wave network is a gateway. Fibaro HC3 gateway is the latest version of its Home Centre gateways which offers countless ways to integrate, program, control, and monitor Z-Wave devices as well as several plugins which allow it to integrate with third-party devices which are not using Z-Wave protocol.

With it’s extra safety features you can be sure that your data and access to your home are effectively protected. State-of-the-art security used by global laptop manufacturers is now a part of the Home Center 3 to guarantee complex data protection.

Home Centre App provides a constant connection with your smart home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world. The mobile app’s promising UX and simplicity of use have resulted in winning the 2019 CES Innovation Award.

In addition to the mobile App, you can also take advantage of Fibaro Keyfob Remote for ease of access to scenarios.

The Google Assistant and FIBARO system work together to make FIBARO devices even more convenient to use. FIBARO and voice control by Google will help you to control lights, blinds, temperature, sensors, scenes and even more without lifting a finger. There won’t be a need to find your phone, use wall switches or any other remotes – just talk to your Google Assistant.

With powerful programming features, Fibaro HC3 can adopt almost any scenario idea coming to your mind.

Lighting Ideas:

True cinema experience

Watching a good movie is a perfect idea for an evening at home. Have you already prepared popcorn and you’re sitting comfortably? Use the Button to adjust the lighting and get a ‘like in the movies’ vibe with just one tap from your couch.

When there’s a crowd at home and there are kids running around, all the lights switched on is a norm. Keep doing what you’re doing, save your hustle and switch off the lights in areas where there’s nobody, using a mobile app from where you are now.

Let the light be with you

While wandering around in the evening and organizing the house we enter many rooms. Imagine that you don’t have to switch the light on and off constantly, but it follows you switching itself on in the room you’re entering. How convenient is that?!

Have I closed the entrance door? Have I switched the kitchen lights off? Certainly, you know this disturbing thoughts appearing just before you fall asleep. Prepare your house for the night – arming the alarm, switch off the lights in the entire house, without leaving your bed. Now sleep tight!

Presence simulation

It’s no longer just a scene from the ‘Kevin home alone’. Your home can really give the impression that there are household members inside. When you’re away, the light in selected rooms and in the garden can turn on at selected times to effectively confuse and discourage people who would like to enter the property in your absence.

The light turns itself off

In every house there are rooms where we come by very rarely. Usually these are attics, lockers, and utility rooms that we leave with our hands full. The light in such places can turn off automatically after a few minutes. You don’t have to remember about it and you don’t have to come back to do it.

Mood Ideas:

The falling asleep ritual

Daily routine is extremely important for children. A smart home will help make your child sleepy in no time. The light in the children’s room, living room or bathroom will dim and finally, the playlist with lullabies will start playing. Everything in a scheduled time. After a bath or a fairy tale, the Button will make the light slowly fade out. This is a night mode at its finest.

Zen scene

The world imposes on us a neck breaking pace of juggling everyday tasks, that is why we all need a couple of moments for ourselves. Home space seemingly isn’t the best place for meditation because many things distract us. On the other hand, when we switch on the appropriate light and music together with humidifier aromatizing the air it turns out that when you close your eyes, you can feel like in a peaceful oasis. Take a deep breath…

Romanticism on demand

Men know how much women like romantic evenings. Women don’t remember that men don’t really like to organize them. Dear men – impress her, simple as that. With one click or a voice command turn on the music, set up a fireplace and dim the light in the living room at the same time. Just bring the red wine and all is ready!

Fight the monster Scene

Monsters sometimes appear in the children’s room and make them so afraid that they can’t fall asleep even if it is a smart home. Place the Button on the bedside table next to your child. After he or her sees a monster, the smart home will fight the monsters with a soothing lighting under the bed or wardrobe or any other place where monsters usually sneak up. Motion Sensor will detect any suspicious moves of an intruder in the child’s room. This will make your child feel safe and effectively scare away all kind of monsters.

The Atmosphere to focus

Each of us knows this state. It happens when an important task awaits us and home comfort distracts us on every step. Make your task easy and use the voice command to turn on “Focus Mode” to create a perfect atmosphere to work or study. Music selection will then flow from the speakers to support concentration while the lighting will set colours that are best to concentrate.

Ambient garden

Food consumed in the open-air tastes better and even better if consumed with friends. Combining these two circumstances plus atmospheric lighting and favourite music creates perfect garden party. Without losing the barbecue out of sight or sitting at the table you can open the sunshade to admire the stars, turn on your favorited playlist and garden lamps with one remote control. It’s time to make a toast for a nice evening.

House in the colours of weather

Weather is important for us, it determines our wellbeing, activity and plans. Your home can signal temperature outside with an appropriate colour, when you wake up and react to weather conditions with rising the air temperature inside the house. Seeing the given colour, you know what to wear or if having breakfast on the terrace is an option. Your kid knows immediately if playing outdoors is possible at the moment.

Safety Ideas:

Fire nipped in the bud

Being concerned about burns and fire we’re very careful while doing domestic activities e.g. ironing, especially with kids around. During the daily hustle and bustle there’s a lot going on. It’s enough to take your eyes off the stove talking on the phone vigorously or leave the iron on because someone’s at the door and … Smoke Sensor detecting smoke immediately sends you the notification about the danger and RGBW Controller will change the colour of the light into red, so you can call the fire brigade when it’s still not too late.

Protection against invisible danger

What we fear the most, it’s what we can’t see, because we’re vulnerable when facing invisible danger. The technology gives us tools that not only recognize a threat, but also react to it. CO Sensor recognizing carbon monoxide notifies you about its dangerous concentration in the air and simultaneously opens windows and switches the ventilation on. You have everything under control!

Clean air at home

Sometimes we don’t know anything about the air pollution in our surroundings. Our home becomes is affected by the outdoor conditions. If particulates sensor detects a high level of pollution, the information is passed to the smart home system which closes all opened windows and starts the air purifier. Now you can spend time at home without any worries.

Keep an eye on Little One

Small children need lots of sleep in perfect conditions. You can be sure that your kid sleeps tight even if moving gently, checking it via the camera view in your mobile app. Take care about air quality in your child’s bedroom monitor if it’s clear and healthy to switch on the air purifier and humidifier when needed.

Immediate failure detection

Inaccurately working electronic devices can cause a short circuit in the installation or even fire. Using a smart plug like Wall Plug you can remotely switch on and off any device, you can check how much energy it consumes, and you will be informed about abnormality in any device functioning. Thanks to the Wall Plug you can react instantly by switching the device off via mobile app.

Security Ideas:

Keep an eye on your home

Your home is your fortress so even during your absence you’d rather know that your privacy isn’t violated. Motion sensor integrated with the surveillance system has an eye on your property day and night. When it detects motion, you will receive a notification with a video recording so that you can see if there is any reason to worry.

100% secured

Leaving your home’s safety in the hands of security firm, we have doubts if the patrol arrives fast enough to prevent the burglary. It is worth it to equip your house, so it can signal the intrusion and effectively deter the burglars itself before the security patrol arrives. When the alarm system detects undesired motion or window opening, your home will be visible and audible from a distance thanks to the lighting and sound alarm. In this situation, the burglars immediately stop any attempts of entering your home and your possessions are safe.

A neighbourly eye on your home

A neighbour who has agreed to look after the property while you are away is a very effective way to have a successful holiday. As soon as someone tries to get to your home, a trusted neighbour will receive a notification. He or she will be able to check if everything is okay and act accordingly.

Virtual key to your home

You invited your friends, but you’re stuck in traffic and they’ll have to wait. The courier is calling standing at your door with important package but you’re not going to be back home for a couple of days. Sounds familiar? Intercom lets you open the door to people you trust and who need to enter your home at this exact moment. Guests or your kid who forgot his keys don’t have to wait for you outside. The courier can leave the package which will wait for you in a safe place.

cess for trusted people

Entrusting garden maintenance and housekeeping to professionals when you’re out of home is very convenient. The safety and home access issues are not a problem if every person entering your property will be equipped with an individual PIN enabling the entrance. Letting the trusted ones into your home or garden the Intercom will inform you about their presence. This solution minimizes the risk related to any unwanted third party entering your property.

Gate and Blinds Ideas:

The house that is ahead of the weather

The weather can be unpredictable, so when you are concerned with your daily stuff you will not notice when the situation outside the window changes dramatically. Using weather data FIBARO System will transmit the information to other devices and will notify you of unpleasant weather with the appropriate colour of light and will close windows and blinds right where you need it.

Close the roller shutters from your bed

Closing roller shutters is a simple activity, but let’s be honest, nobody likes to get up from the bed to have them closed or opened. Especially when we had just started our leisure and read out favourite book. Say a word and have the blinds closed in your bedroom or the entire house. One simple command and you can continue your evening relaxation.

Rapid reaction to the carbon monoxide

Fear of being poisoned with carbon monoxide often keeps us awake. The FIBARO smart home will make sure that you can sleep tight. When the carbon monoxide detector notices the dangerous gas, the blinds and windows will be opened to ventilate the room as soon as possible. Moreover, the smart home system will send you a notification of a high carbon monoxide concentration.

The office scene

People at a meeting rather want to have things done instead of setting up the room for the presentation and waist their time. Enter the room like a boss and close the blinds, dim the light and turn on the speaker with one simple gesture. Now just come to the point and give them all you’ve got!

Well protected House

Usually when heading for the holidays, we leave home in a rush. There are so many things to do, so no wonder the thought about the possibility of leaving your property unprotected can spoil our days off. Now, arming the alarm system when leaving home, you can simultaneously close all the blinds and gates with one click. You can hit the road now.

Garden Ideas:

Fantastic evening on the terrace

A simple click of the Button on your way to the garden to turn on a charming lighting and play favorite playlist will certainly make the evening more pleasurable and transform any garden meeting into a unique part of your smart home life.

Weather live response

Scheduled automatic garden watering turns out to be an extremely convenient solution. In case the weather becomes unpredictable, it is worth equipping the flowerbeds with humidity sensors. Prevent unnecessary plant flooding and water consumption by a simple information about the optimally hydrated soil form the sensors.

Magical evening

Wandering around the garden in the evening, especially if it’s a big space we don’t need to turn on the lights in the entire garden. When Motion Sensor detects motion, the light switches on in the places where there are people. Thanks to that solution you can admire your garden after dark and don’t worry about your lighting bills

Perfect water temperature

If having a pool, let it be one you can jump in anytime, no matter the actual air temperature. Water heating system configured with air temperature sensor, allows you to use the pool every time of year and day. Feel the soothing chill in the summer and pleasantly warm water during spring and autumn.

Garden surveillance

Significant garden area is hard to maintain and is often being trespassed by intruders. Monitoring distant corners of the property synchronized with the alarm system will allow us to sleep peacefully and make sure that the garden is also a secure part our fortress.

Third party Integration

Fibaro HC3 integrates with thousands of third-party devices. To check the compatibility of your devices, speak to one of our consultants.

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