Why Smart Home?

Your home in your hands

With the fast growing technology in last decades with the smartphones becoming widespread in recent years and the combination of fast and more reliable data communication opens a new window to our everyday life style which is called the internet of things.

Smart homes are taking advantage of internet of things (IOT) technology to control and monitor our appliances and environment, offering us a more comfortable and safer life style which was just a dream until recently.A smart home provides you with limitless options to control and monitor, providing security and protecting things that matter the most in your home with just a click from your phone.

A smart home is a home with an advanced control and monitoring system which combines features of security, safety, energy saving, environmental management lighting and luxury into one integrated easily accessible system. This integrated system provides you with limitless possibilities to control monitor and protect what matters most to you around your home automatically or from your smartphone.That is why smart houses are becoming very popular across Australia.

Where to start from?

Any home can be a smart home. After setting up your smart home gateway and installation of your free smartphone app you will be able to customize your control and monitoring arrangements by choosing appliances and security options and then managing your home by setting up multiple zones, customised scenes and security requirements.

While you are away at work or on holiday, your smart home security system can alert you to what’s going on in and around your home, The system can be programmed to automatically turn the lights on and off, to give the impression of somebody being at home. There’s no better theft deterrent than a house that is full of life and activity.
Smart camera allows you to define an area within the field of view for motion detection.
For instance, you can train the camera on the living room and specify the area directly in front of a window for motion detection.If any movement is detected within those specified coordinates, it will set an alarm. 
A smart home safety system can identify hazardous situation through the sensors located around the house. When a hazardous situation is identified an alarm is triggered to notify the residents. The alarm could be a siren which is locally installed, or an alarm message on a smartphone with smart home application installed on it.
The system can be programmed to react automatically when an unsafe situation is identified, as an example when the effect of a fire has been detected (Smoke) the fire sprinklers automatically discharge water to distinguish the fire and close the main gas valve through the smart manipulator.
Being able to remotely control the gas and water leakages through smart manipulators is another safety feature of an integrated smart home system.

Enhanced energy-efficiency is available through smart home systems.

The amount of energy we use will reduce with the devices that intelligently know to turn off or go into low-power mode when you’re not using them, it could help reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, save the planet and our natural resources.

Detailed breakdown of consumption will be available through water and energy sensors. This will assist you in managing the energy consumption of your home appliances by programming your system to turn off or reduce active timing of high power consuming devices.

Smart home brings great comfort to your life by integrating A/V, shading, security, safety, HVAC, lighting and energy management into one integrated system which is capable of functioning autonomously (pre- programmed) or you can take the control with just a tap.

Knowing your location the smart home system will prepare your home lighting, adjusts the living room temperature, sets your desired shading, opens, the garage door, disarms the security and alarm system and plays your favorite music through your multi-room audio system and even turn the coffee machine on to create a warm and welcoming environment for your arrival.