What is our “Smartest Home Solution”

Smartest home has brought together a diverse range of services that cover the end-to-end delivery of your smart home project to assist you through the selection, design, installation, implementation, training as well as providing an ongoing support to your system.
Throughout the selection and design process we will help you to choose the most suitable devices for your home base on the provided information such as floor plan, site visit, etc.
Once the decision on the design is made our next service would be providing you with the professional staff to do the on site installation and wiring work as well as programming the devices according to the accepted design plan.
At the end when the system is designed, installed and programmed, our last service would be training of the users and ongoing support of the system to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is achieved.

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Lighting and appliances

Using energy efficient LED smart globes, you can also adjust the contrast and spectrum of the light colour just the way you like it. Your customized light status settings could be saved so different scene settings will be available on your app anytime at a touch.

Smart home sockets give you the ability to control the off/on status of almost anything which is connected to the sockets.

Automatic control of the lightings and appliances is also possible through linking the smart sensors and timers to trigger the scenes based on certain time of the day and/or status of the sensors around the house.

Opening and closing blinds and curtains is a comfort feature when you have smart blinds which communicate with your app through the gateway. You can remotely open and close the blinds using your smartphone or program the app software to manage the blinds status depending on the time, sensor’s status or a particular scene selection.

Where to start:

In order to control the lighting and sockets the following devices are required:

1- Smart gateway

2- Smart socket

3- Smart Switch (1 or 2 gangs)

4- Smartphone application software (Free)

5- Wifi modem with internet connection

Some electrical wiring or modifications might also be needed to be done by professional electrician staff. The modifications could include adding Neutral wiring to the switch boxes, and/or adding any new power point or switch point if requested.

In addition to the above, gateway, switch and sockets need to be setup in order to function properly through the smartphone app.

Depending on your requirements some advance scene programming might also be needed in order to give you the maximum enjoyment from your smart home system. Different scene selections will give you the ability to control multiple socket and switches with just one touch or automatically.

A smart home security system includes the following components:

-Smart gateway;

-Wifi modem with internet connection;

-Smart home mobile application software (Free);

-door and windows sensors;

-door locks control;

– Surveillance cameras;

-Strobe lights and Sirens;

-Motion sensors.

Security systems are highly customisable. Depending on your needs we can help you to choose the system components to best meet your requirements.

Our service includes providing the hardwares and software as well as setup and installation of the components. Most of the electronic components are battery operated but some electrical wiring might be needed for the devices which are running on the main power such as the smart siren.

In addition to the above you can also add a level of safety into your system. Things like gas and water control valves, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems are falling into this category.