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Aeotec is a home automation and electronics company based in Silicon Valley, California has known both as Aeon Labs and Aeotec.

As a company, Aeon Labs’ focus is on the development and sale of Z-Wave compatible accessories which it makes available under its own name, its Aeotec sub-brand, and as white labeled goods. Its products are available in over 80 countries globally and include Z-Wave interpretations of motion sensors,[thermometers, remotes, key fobs, and wall switches. Under their own brand names of Aeotec and Aeon Labs, the company has developed their home automation accessories released in 2015 upon a customized Z-Wave Plus platform dubbed Gen5; prior to that Aeon Labs had utilized older versions of the Z-Wave SDK. These own-brand products have been designed to work with Z-Wave controllers such as Fibaro.

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Aeotec Lighting Products

Aeotec Dual Nano Smart Switch