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Fibaro Dimmer Bypass


FIBARO Bypass 2 (FGB-002) is a device designed to work with FIBARO Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) and Walli Dimmer (FGWDEU-111). It should be used in case of connecting LED bulbs or energy saving compact fluorescent lamps. FIBARO Bypass 2 prevents flickering of the LED lights and glowing of the turned off compact fluorescent lamps.

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Aeotec Dual Nano Smart Switch


Product Code: ZW132

Dual Nano Smart Switch Same great functionality as Nano Switch, but able to control 2 x power loads

*For order and pricing please contact us

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Wulian Smart Dimmer Switch


Product Description


Wulian Wireless Smart Wall Dimmer Switch is a product based on ZigBee protocol;
Adjust the lighting intensity of lighting lamps;
Unique live line technology, easy wiring;
Support local/remote check and control;
Support times setting /linkage control/scene management;
Stylish design;
Adopt Australian standard size, easier to replace common wall switches.



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